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The Indianapolis Colts sign safety Tom Zbikowski

Blogged under Fantasy Football Report,Free Agent Additions,Front Page,General Colts Chatter by admin on Saturday 17 March 2012 at 9:03 pm

The Colts have signed 26-year old safety Tom Zbikowski to a 3-year deal.  He played in 14 games for the Ravens last year and he had 23 tackles and 1 sack.  He has now played in 53 games in his first four years in the NFL and he has 88 tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for a loss, 2 interceptions and 4 passes defensed.  This is not much of a surprise as Zbikowski played under Colts’ new head coach Chuck Pagano in Baltimore.

Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings

Blogged under Fantasy Football Report by ravenhater on Thursday 17 August 2006 at 3:04 pm
Bye Weeks ()Â

 1. Steve Smith, Panthers (9) The most explosive receiver in the game. Smith can score from anywhere on the field.

 2. Torry Holt, Rams (7) The best receiver on the “Greatest Show on Turf”.

 3. Chad Johnson, Bengals (5) Johnson should be #1 on this list……just ask him.

 4. Randy Moss, Raiders (3) Moss is healthy so look out this season.

 5. Terrell Owens, Cowboys (3) Could be #1 on this list….if I knew he would behave.

 6. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals (9) Plenty of passes to be split with Fitzgerald.

 7. Marvin Harrison, Colts (6) He keeps churning out great seasons.

 8. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (9) Not as explosive as his partner in crime.

 9. Reggie Wayne, Colts (6) #2 in Indy, but would be #1 on most teams.

 10. Santana Moss, Redskins (8) Can score from anywhere on the field, at anytime.

 11. Donald Driver, Packers (6) Look for a Brett Favre rebound and Driver is his #1 guy.

 12. Derrick Mason, Ravens (7) Mason and McNair together again.

 13. Joe Horn, Saints (7) Brees will like throwing to this guy.

 14. Hines Ward, Steelers (4) Tough as nails, the Steelers go-to guy.

 15. Roy Williams, Lions (8) Kitna and Martz will be looking for him all day.

 16. Chris Chambers, Dolphins (8) Culpepper’s new favorite receiver.

 17. Eric Moulds, Texans (5) Carr has been waiting for another elite wide-out.

 18. Keenan McCardell, Chargers (3) He just keeps on putting up good seasons.

 19. Lee Evans, Bills (8) Know the #1 receiver in Buffalo…..look out!

 20. Plaxico Burress, Giants (4) Has had some huge games for the Giants.

 21. Eddie Kennison, Chiefs (3) Has emerged as #1 WR for Chiefs.

 22. Joey Galloway, Bucs (4) Awesome comeback year last season.

 23. Andre Johnson, Texans (5) Can’t double-team him anymore with Moulds around.

 24. David Givens, Titans (7) Very productive receiver in his career with the Patriots.

 25. Reggie Brown, Eagles (9) New #1 WR for Eagles.

 26. Rod Smith, Broncos (4) Aging, but still producing.

 27. Isaac Bruce, Rams (7) He’s healthy again….look out.

 28. Terry Glenn, Cowboys (3) Coming off a good season.

 29. Drew Bennett, Titans (7) Will thrive as the #2 WR once again.

 30. Javon Walker, Broncos (4) If his knee is right, he will put up good numbers.

 31. Nate Burleson, Seahawks (5) Could be the #1 WR for the Seahawks if Jackson’s knee keeps bothering him.

 32. Deion Branch, Patriots (6) #1 WR, but Brady spreads the ball around.

 33. Mushin Muhammad, Bears (7) Need someone on the other side to loosen up the coverage.

 34. Braylon Edwards, Browns (6) Back early from his knee injury, is good with Frye.

 35. Darrell Jackson, Seahawks (5) Would be higher but his knee is bugging him.

 36. Michael Clayton, Bucs (4) He’s looking to rebound from sub-par year and is looking good in camp.

 37. Donte’ Stallworth, Saints (7) Brees will light a fire under this guy.

 38. Keyshawn Johnson, Panthers (9) Will get single coverage all the time.

 39. Joe Jurevicius, Browns (6) Big target in the Red Zone.

 40. Laveranues Coles, Jets (9) Pennington’s favorite receiver.

 41. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals (5) #2 guy in Cincy.

 42. Brandon Stokley, Colts (6) Best #3 WR in the league.

 43. Jerry Porter, Raiders (3) Where will he be playing this year?

 44. Ernest Wilford, Jaguars (6) Looking like the #1 guy in camp.

 45. Troy Williamson, Vikings (6) Has huge upside due to his blazing speed.

 46. Kevin Curtis, Rams (7) Second best #3 WR in league.

 47. Amani Toomer, Giants (4) More of a possession receiver at this point in his career.

 48. Koren Robinson, Vikings (6) Good deep threat.

 49. Matt Jones, Jaguars (6) Battling for the #1 job in camp.

 50. Mark Clayton, Ravens (7) Will benefit from playing with an NFL QB this year.

 51. Eric Parker, Chargers (3) Starting wide-out that is a little better than average.

 52. Corey Bradford, Lions (8) Has the speed to stretch the defense at Ford Field.

 53. Antonio Bryant, 49ers (7) Went for over 1,000 yards last season in Cleveland.

 54. Marty Booker, Dolphins (8) Possession receiver for Fins.

 55. Brandon Lloyd, Redskins (8) Playing with a real QB now.

 56. Reche Caldwell, Patriots (6) One of the guys Brady will spray the ball around to.

 57. Greg Lewis, Eagles (9) Somebody has to catch McNabb’s passes.

 58. Samie Parker, Chiefs (3) Has the speed to stretch the field.

 59. Michael Jenkins, Falcons (5) Falcons don’t pass much.

 60. Roddy White, Falcons (5) Falcons don’t pass much.

 61. Robert Ferguson, Packers (6) Has a slight hold on a starting position.

 62. Cedrick Wilson, Steelers (4) Possession receiver for a running team.

 63. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets (9) Possession receiver is running with the first team.

 64. Ashley Lelie, Broncos (4) Could move up this list with a bullet if traded to the right team.

 65. Antwan Randle El, Redskins (8) Exciting player, but doesn’t score many points.

 66. Santonio Holmes, Steelers (4) Moves up this list if he can beat out Cedrick Wilson.

 67. Doug Gabriel, Raiders (3) Moves up this list after Jerry Porter gets traded.

 68. Dante Hall, Chiefs (3) If Edwards is really gonna make him his #3 WR, then he moves up the list.

 69. Travis Taylor, Vikings (6) Solid #3 WR for the Vikings.

 70. Marcus Robinson, Vikings (6) Very good in the Red Zone.

 71. Keary Colbert, Panthers (9) Will rebound from down season last year.

 72. Chris Henry, Bengals (5) Pure talent that just needs a few more passes thrown his way.

 73. Chad Jackson, Patriots (6) Has the talent to beat out Caldwell for starting position.

 74. Ronald Curry, Raiders (3) Was just coming around when he blew out his knee last year.

 75. Bobby Engram, Seahawks (5) Nothing flashy, but solid.

 76. Sinorice Moss, Giants (4) Not as good as his brother…..yet.

 77. Bryant Johnson, Cardinals (9) Gets scraps from the table.

 78. Shaun McDonald, Rams (7) Very good wide-out on a very deep team.

 79. David Boston, Bucs (4) This is not a misprint. He’s blowing people away in camp.

 80. Greg Jennings, Packers (6) Could give Ferguson a run for his money.

 81. Derek Hagan, Dolphins (8) Rookie is looking good in camp.

 82. Travis Wilson, Browns (6) Another rookie that’s making a good impression.

 83. Ike Hilliard, Bucs (4) Not much left in the tank.

 84. Devery Henderson, Saints (7) Could be the year he breaks out of his shell.

 85. Glen Martinez, Lions (8) A Mike Martz favorite.

 86. Derrick Armstrong, Texans (5) #3 WR.

 87. Dennis Northcutt, Browns (6) Having a battle for his #3 spot.

 88. Justin McCareins, Jets (9) In Coach Mangini’s doghouse.

 89. Kelly Campbell, Dolphins (8) Deep threat from Culpepper’s past.

 90. Jabar Gaffney, Eagles (9) Switches cities, but still a #3 WR.

 91. Kassim Osgood, Chargers (3) Could be #3.

 92. Patrick Crayton, Cowboys (3) Could be #3 if healthy.

 93. Rod Gardner, Packers (6) Looks like #4 guy in GB.

 94. Reggie Williams, Jaguars (6) #1 job was open, but he doesn’t look like he wanted it.

 95. Darius Watts, Broncos (4) Still having problems with drops.

 96. Peerless Price, Bills (8) Bills are grasping at straws.

 97. Antonio Chatman, Bengals (5) Has a chance at the #3 job.

 98. Troy Brown, Patriots (6) Old reliable.

 99. Wes Welker, Dolphins (8) He does a little of everything.

100. Brandon Jones, Titans (7)Â Did ok as a rookie.

101. Roydell Williams, Titans (7)Â Had almost identical numbers that Jones did last year.

102. Josh Reed, Bills (8)Â Put up or shut up time for Reed.

103. Todd Pinkston, Eagles (9)Â The man with alligator arms.

104. Vincent Jackson, Chargers (3)Â Getting a chance this year.

105. Dane Looker, Rams (7)Â Possession receiver.

106. James Thrash, Redskins (8)Â Low on the depth chart.

107. David Patten, Redskins (8)Â Below Thrash on the depth chart.

108. Tim Carter, Giants (4)Â Good speed, but little chance.

109. David Tyree, Giants (4)Â Good speed, but little chance.

110. Terrance Wilkins, Colts (6)Â Any Colt is worth mention.

111. Andre Davis, Bills (8)Â Played with Holcomb on Browns.

112. Mike Williams, Lions (8)Â First round bust.

113. Mark Bradley, Bears (7)Â Second year wideout on a running team.

114. Clarence Moore, Ravens (7)Â Wins jump balls.

115. Kelley Washington, Bengals (5)Â Is a good wide-out but has problems staying healthy.

116. Justin Gage, Bears (7)Â Bears getting tired of waiting for him.

117. Brandon Williams, 49ers (7)Â Rookie could catch a few.

118. Tim Dwight, Jets (9)Â Always fun to watch play.

119. Quincy Morgan, Steelers (4)Â Good speed but hands of stone.

120. Demetrius Williams, Ravens (7)Â Rookie could get a few grabs.

121. Skyler Green, Cowboys (3)Â Rookie could battle for #3 WR position.

122. Jerome Pathon, Falcons (5)Â Could be Falcons #3 WR.

123. Troy Edwards, Jaguars (6)Â Edwards back to the scene of his best year.

124. Derrick Hamilton, 49ers (7)Â Could be #3 WR for 49ers.

125. Brad Smith, Jets (9) Converted QB…..could catch a few.

126. Charles Rogers, Lions (8) Just trying to stick in the NFL now.



Fantasy Running Back Rankings

Blogged under Fantasy Football Report by ravenhater on Wednesday 16 August 2006 at 3:52 pm
Bye Weeks ()Â Â

 1. Shaun Alexander, Seahawks (5) Alexander is a TD machine and a great back for yardage.

 2. Larry Johnson, Chiefs (3) Johnson exploded on the scene last year and won’t have to share time with Priest Holmes anymore.

 3. Ladainian Tomlinson, Chargers (3) Workhorse that can score receiving, rushing OR passing!

 4. Tiki Barber, Giants (4) Awesome season last year, but beware…he’s in his 30’s.

 5. Clinton Portis, Redskins (8) Can go the distance on any carry and is the focal point of the Redskins offense.

 6. Rudi Johnson, Bengals (5) A battering ram that will be more busy than usual until Carson Palmer is 100%.

 7. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins (8) Good blend of speed and power, and he doesn’t have to share carries with a pothead anymore.

 8. Cadillac Williams, Bucs (4) Will have an awesome season as long as Gruden doesn’t run him into the ground again.

 9. Edgerrin James, Cardinals (9) Weaker offensive line this year, but still an elite back.

10. Lamont Jordan, Raiders (3)Â The big guy catches alot of passes to go with his rushing yards.

11. Stephen Jackson, Rams (7)Â Coach Linehan will use the run alot more than Martz did.

12. Domanick Davis, Texans (5) Can catch or run with the best of them….as long as he stays healthy.

13. Jamal Lewis, Ravens (7) In training camp this year instead of the pokey. Should bounce back strong.

14. Willis McGahee, Bills (8)Â If passing game keeps extra guys out of the box, he should have his best season.

15. Corey Dillon, Patriots (6) Might have to split carries with Maroney, but he’ll still the the majority of the carries.

16. Reggie Bush, Saints (7)Â Will line up all over the field and might have more yards receiving than rushing.

17. Rueben Droughns, Browns (6)Â Will score more TDs this season due to an improved line and receivers.

18. Willie Parker, Steelers (4)Â If he gets to run near the goal line he shoots up this list.

19. Ahman Green, Packers (6)Â Injury risk, but one worth taking.

20. Fred Taylor, Jaguars (6)Â Injury risk, but is a dominator when healthy.

21. Dominic Rhodes, Colts (6)Â Has a good shot to be the main man for the Colts.

22. Brian Westbrook, Eagles (9)Â Weak receiving corps in Philly will mean more work for Westbrook.

23. Kevin Jones, Lions (8)Â Could rebound from an off-year, but will Martz let him run the ball enough?

24. Julius Jones, Cowboys (3)Â Would rank alot higher if he could stay in one piece.

25. Deuce McAllister, Saints (7)Â I still have a feeling that Deuce will lead the Saints in rushing, and get all the goal-line carrries.

26. Chester Taylor, Vikings (6)Â Finally get his chance, he could put up numbers like Lamont Jordan did last year.

27. Warrick Dunn, Falcons (5)Â Alot of yards, but not alot of TDs.

28. Chris Brown, Titans (7)Â Who knows what to expect out of the Titans running game?

29. DeShaun Foster, Panthers (9)Â Brittle, but effective when he plays.

30. D’Angelo Williams, Panthers (9) Waiting for Foster to get hurt so he can take his job and never give it back.

31. Thomas Jones, Bears (7)Â In the Bears doghouse, but he did go over 1,000 yards last season.

32. Cedric Benson, Bears (7)Â Banged up in camp, but was listed ahead of Jones on depth chart.

33. Frank Gore, 49ers (7)Â A warrior that only needs to stay healthy to show off.

34. Curtis Martin, Jets (9)Â Near the end of his Hall-of-Fame career because of bad knees.

35. Kevan Barlow, 49ers (7)Â Neck and neck with Gore for the starting job in San Fran.

36. Cedric Houston, Jets (9) Started in Martin’s place last year, and will be first in line this year too.

37. Joseph Addai, Colts (6)Â Never was a full-time back at LSU.

38. Tatum Bell, Broncos (4) Team thinks he’s too small to be an everydown back, but he’s effective when he plays.

39. Michael Pittman, Bucs (4)Â Should get more carries to keep the Cadillac fresh this year.

40. Marion Barber, Cowboys (3)Â Plays behind injury-prone Jones and gets a lot of carries near the end zone.

41. Samkon Gado, Packers (6) Power runner that showed alot last season. Will get a ton of carries if Green isn’t all the way back.

42. T.J. Duckett, Falcons (5)Â Beast near the goal-line for Atlanta.

43. Mewelde Moore, Vikings (6)Â Good back-up running back.

44. Mike Anderson, Ravens (7) Had a huge season in Denver and should steal some carries from Jamal Lewis this year.

45. Duce Staley, Steelers (4)Â Could be the goal-line back for the Steelers this year.

46. Laurence Maroney, Patriots (6)Â Could steal alot of carries from Corey Dillon.

47. Antowain Smith, Texans (5)Â Could get alot of carries this season to keep Domanick Davis fresh and healthy.

48. Ron Dayne, Broncos (4)Â Can Mike Shanahan really make a good running back out of anybody?

49. Maurice Morris, Seahawks (5) Good back that’s biding his time until free-agency.

50. Lee Suggs, Browns (6)Â Will give Droughns a few breaks this season.

51. Chris Perry, Bengals (5)Â Good back-up running back that catches alot of passes.

52. Brandon Jacobs, Giants (4)Â TD machine in goal-line offense.

53. LenDale White, Titans (7) One of Coach Chow’s favorite players at USC.

54. Mike Bell, Broncos (4) Undrafted rookie that’s rising up the depth chart in Denver.

55. Justin Fargas, Raiders (3)Â Third-down back for Raiders.

56. Ladell Betts, Redskins (8)Â Betts always produces when he plays.

57. Michael Turner, Chargers (3)Â Turner is a great back-up, but Tomlinson never comes out of the game.

58. Kevin Faulk, Patriots (6)Â Good pass catching third-down back.

59. Shawn Bryson, Lions (8)Â Coach Martz likes his receiving skills.

60. Derrick Blaylock, Jets (9)Â Could get a lot of carries if Martin hangs up the cleats.

61. Michael Bennett, Chiefs (3)Â Bennett could produce as a third-down back for Chiefs.

62. Jerious Norwood, Falcons (5)Â Has been impressive in camp.

63. Maurice Hicks, 49ers (7)Â Productive when he plays.

64. Najeh Davenport, Packers (6)Â Coming off an injury, but a load to bring down.

65. Greg Jones, Jaguars (6)Â #2 behind fragile Fred Taylor.

66. Jerome Harrison, Browns (6)Â Good skills, could be ideal third-down back.

67. Nick Goings, Panthers (9)Â Always seems to get alot of P.T.

68. Travis Henry, Titans (7)Â Tough guy, but probably #3 in line for carries.

69. Moe Williams, Rams (7)Â Tough runner with a nose for the goal-line.

70. Marcel Shipp, Cardinals (9)Â Had his chance last season and blew it.

71. Adrian Peterson, Bears (7)Â #3 in Chicago.

72. Maurice Drew, Jaguars (6)Â A little small, but he has skills.

73. Ryan Moats, Eagles (9)Â The Eagles will run more this year and Moats is the #2 guy.

74. Brian Calhoun, Lions (8)Â Was a great runner in Wisconsin and could push Jones for job.

75. J.J. Arrington, Cardinals (9)Â Had a decent year as a rookie, but backing up the Edge now.

76. Tyson Thompson, Cowboys (3)Â #3 in Big D.

77. James Mungro, Colts (6)Â Could be Colts goal-line back.

78. Vernand Morency, Texans (5)Â #3 in Houston.

79. Anthony Thomas, Bills (8)Â Could get carries near the goal-line for the Bills.

80. Sammy Morris, Dolphins (8) Ronnie Brown’s caddy.

81. Verron Haynes, Steelers (4)Â Could battle Staley and Parker for goal-line carries.

82. Rock Cartwright, Redskins (8)Â Averaged over 7 yards per carry last season.

83. Tony Fisher, Rams (7)Â Duking it out with Moe Williams for back-up job.

84. Aaron Stecker, Saints (7)Â #3 behind McAllister and Bush.

85. Darren Sproles, Chargers (3)Â Kick-returner and #3 running back for Chargers.

86. Musa Smith, Ravens (7)Â Big back that is injury-prone.

87. Ciatrick Fason, Vikings (6)Â Could be goal-line back for Vikings.

88. Travis Minor, Dolphins (8)Â Good receiving back.

89. Shaud Williams, Bills (8)Â Small, #3 back for Bills.

90. Kenny Watson, Bengals (5) Always productive when he plays, but doesn’t play much.

91. Dee Brown, Chiefs (3)Â Brown is #3 in KC.

92. Rashard Lee, Raiders (3)Â At least he can return kicks.

93. Josh Scobey, Seahawks (5)Â Kick-returner and #3 back for Seattle.

94. Bruce Perry, Eagles (9) Coming back from injury-filled rookie season.

95. Ernest Graham, Bucs (4)Â Sits on bench every week.

96. Derrick Ward, Giants (4)Â Suffered broken foot in camp.



Fantasy Defense/ST Rankings

Blogged under Fantasy Football Report by ravenhater on Tuesday 15 August 2006 at 10:10 am
Bye Weeks ()

 1. Chicago Bears (7) The Bears have the best defense in the NFL, and they added return ace Devin Hester in the draft.

 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (4) The Steelers play keep away with their offense, but the defense is still very good and opportunistic.

 3. Tampa Bay Bucs (4) The Bucs are super quick on defense and rush the passer well.

 4. Philadelphia Eagles (9) The Eagles are a solid defensive team that has been good for awhile now.

 5. Baltimore Ravens (7) Drafting Ngata will keep O-Linemen off Ray Lewis…who should have a huge season.

 6. Washington Redskins (8) The Redskins’ offense will pressure other team into making mistakes.

 7. Indianapolis Colts (6) Colts fast defense takes advantage of teams trying to play “catch-up”.

 8. San Diego Chargers (3) Chargers have a quick, opportunistic defense.

 9. New England Patriots (6) As long as Belichick is putting the X’s and O’s on the chalkboard, the Patriots will have a good defense.

10. Dallas Cowboys (3)Â The Cowboys have re-loaded the defense with guys Parcells hand-picked for the job.

11. Miami Dolphins (8)Â Saban is a master at defense, and he has alot of good players on that side of the ball.

12. New York Giants (4)Â Big, physical defense that gets alot of sacks.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (6) Coach Del Rio stockpiled defensive players when he got the job, and now it’s paying off.

14. Carolina Panthers (9)Â Defense is opportunistic, and Peppers is a sack machine.

15. Atlanta Falcons (5)Â Adding John Abraham will make this a tough defense to deal with.

16. Kansas City (3) Herman Edwards is a defensive coach, but he’s not a miracle worker. They do have the best kick-returner in the NFL in Dante Hall.

17. Cleveland Browns (6)Â Four new starters on defense will make this a very physical unit.

18. Seattle Seahawks (5)Â Under-rated part of the team.

19. Minnesota Vikings (6) A quick unit that doesn’t make alot of big plays.

20. Green Bay Packers (6)Â Young linebackers Hawk and Hodge make this a unit on the way up.

21. Denver Broncos (4) Imported too many Ex-Browns that weren’t that good.

22. St. Louis Rams (7)Â Defense is under construction.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (5) Losing their best player for the first four games will hurt the defense…..badly.

24. Buffalo Bills (8) The draft was a good start, but the new blood won’t make that much of a difference this season.

25. NY Jets (9)Â Not alot of playmakers on this side of the ball.

26. Arizona Cardinals (9)Â Defense not in same league as the Cards offense.

27. Detroit Lions (8) Defense could be on the field alot…..and that’s not a good thing.

28. Tennessee Titans (7)Â Not a lot of playmakers on this side of the field.

29. New Orleans Saints (7)Â Rebuilding, just like the city.

30. Houston Texans (5) Mario Williams can’t do it alone.

31. San Francisco 49ers (7)Â Defense will be on the field alot, and they will more than likely be defending short fields because of their inept offense.

32. Oakland Raiders (3) A long way to go to just be average.


Fantasy Tight End Rankings

Blogged under Fantasy Football Report by ravenhater on Monday 14 August 2006 at 10:18 am
Bye Weeks ()

 1. Antonio Gates, Chargers (3) The undisputed king of tight ends. A young QB’s best friend is the tight end.

 2. Tony Gonzalez, Chiefs (3) Gonzalez is the Chiefs #1 receiver. Almost impossible to stop.

 3. Chris Cooley, Redskins (8) Was a force last season, and with Al Saunders calling the plays…he could explode.

 4. Jeremy Shockey, Giants (4) I love watching this guy play. He’s old-school, and he’s good.

 5. Todd Heap, Ravens (7) Watch out….he has a real QB for the first time in his career.

 6. Randy McMichael, Dolphins (8) With Culpepper on board he could make the Pro Bowl.

 7. Alge Crumpler, Falcons (5) Michael Vick’s favorite receiver. That shouldn’t mean too much, but if Schaub plays…look out!

 8. Jason Witten, Cowboys (3) The Tuna loves throwing to the tight end, and Witten is a good one.

 9. L.J. Smith, Eagles (9) Donovan McNabb has to throw to someone.

10. Kellen Winslow, Browns (6) A man on a mission. Safeties beware.

11. Vernon Davis, 49ers (7) He’ll be the guy Alex Smith is looking for….and soon.

12. Jermaine Wiggins, Vikings (6) Wiggins doesn’t look the part, but he’s been very good for the Vikings.

13. Heath Miller, Steelers (4) A carbon copy of Todd Heap. If Big Ben looks his way….Miller will catch it.

14. Zach Hilton, Saints (7)Â Brees likes throwing to his tight end, and Hilton had a good second half last year.

15. Mercedes Lewis, Jaguars (6)Â The Jags first round pick has alot of ability, and Leftwich needs someone to throw to.

16. Ben Watson, Patriots (6) Brady’s receiving corps is looking thin, so he will look to the TE more this season.

17. Dallas Clark, Colts (6)Â Clark is a good athlete that catches his share of passes.

18. Marcus Pollard, Lions (8)Â Pollard is getting old, but he can still catch the football.

19. Erron Kinney, Titans (7) Tight-ends catch alot of passes in the Titans offense, but they’re usually short ones.

20. Eric Johnson, 49ers (7) If healthy, and that’s a big if, Johnson is a good TE.

21. Jeb Putzier, Texans (5) Putzier should catch alot of short passes from Carr. It should help Carr from taking a beating again this year.

22. Doug Jolley, Jets (9) Jolley is a good receiver, but he’s under utilized by the Jets.

23. Jeramy Stevens, Seahawks (5)Â If Stevens just caught the passes that hit him in the hands, he would rank much higher.

24. Bubba Franks, Packers (6)Â Franks is slowing down, but Favre will be looking for him in the Red Zone.

25. Ben Troupe, Titans (7) Catches alot of passes, but doesn’t get alot of yards.

26. Daniel Graham, Patriots (6)Â Graham is a good receiver and should increase his receptions this season.

27. Steve Heiden, Browns (6) Tough as nails throwback. If you draft Winslow… better draft Heiden too.

28. Anthony Fasano, Cowboys (3)Â Rookie from Notre Dame is a good receiver.

29. Alex Smith, Buccaneers (4)Â Smith is just scratching the surface of his potential.

30. Bryan Fletcher, Colts (6) Fletcher was a find for the Colts as a rookie. His role could expand.

31. Dominique Byrd, Rams (7)Â Rams TE job is open and Byrd is a good receiver.

32. Leonard Pope, Cardinals (9) Rookie TE has the upper hand in Arizona. He’s a big target.

33. Stephen Alexander, Broncos (4)Â Good hands, but lacks speed.

34. Adam Bergen, Cardinals (9) Bergen looked decent as a rookie, but he’s a possession type receiver.

35. Jim Kleinsasser, Vikings (6)Â Better blocker than receiver.

36. Joe Klopfenstein, Rams (7) Will battle Byrd for starting spot. Has good hands.

37. Anthony Becht, Buccaneers (4)Â Over-rated every season.

38. Courtney Anderson, Raiders (3)Â Tight-end is an afterthought in Raiders offense.

39. Desmond Clark, Bears (7) Bears starter, but doesn’t get many balls thrown his way.

40. Jason Dunn, Chiefs (3) Gets an occasional bone thrown his way. Usually near the end-zone.

41. Christian Fauria, Redskins (8) Redskins will use the tight-end alot. You could do worse.

42. Kris Mangum, Panthers (9)Â Tight-ends block in Panthers offense.

43. Robert Royal, Bills (8)Â Starting TE for the Bills, but not much of a receiver.

44. Ernie Conwell, Saints (7)Â Dependable, but not flashy receiver.

45. Matt Schobel, Eagles (9)Â Decent back-up, value spikes if Smith is injured.

46. Aaron Shea, Chargers (3)Â Decent possession receiver.

47. Reggie Kelly, Bengals (5)Â Not used much in the passing game.

48. Kevin Everett, Bills (8)Â Good pass catching TE, but he missed his rookie season in Buffalo due to injury.

49. David Martin, Packers (6) Good speed, but under-utilized in the offense.

50. Chris Baker, Jets (9)Â Not much of a pass catcher.

51. Daniel Wilcox, Ravens (7) Now you’re reaching.

52. Itula Mili, Seahawks (5)Â Would rank higher but he missed all but two games last season.

53. Tony Scheffler, Broncos (4)Â Good receiver if he gets a chance to play.

54. Dwayne Blakely, Falcons (5) I know Vick likes the TE……but…..

55. Visanthe Shiancoe, Giants (4) You don’t even want him if Shockey gets hurt.

56. Jerame Tuman, Steelers (4)Â Rarely gets to go out for a pass.

57. Dan Campbell, Lions (8)Â Good hands, no speed.

58. Mike Seidman, Panthers (9)Â Never used in the passing game.

59. Mark Bruener, Texans (5)Â Good for one catch a game.

60. Kyle Brady, Jaguars (6)Â Also good for one catch a game.

61. Randal Williams, Raiders (3) You don’t want him.

62. Tony Stewart, Bengals (5) Until Marvin Lewis realizes that tight ends are eligible receivers…you don’t want him.

63. Justin Peele, Dolphins (8)Â Good blocker.

64. John Gilmore, Bears (7)Â Just say no.


Fantasy Kicker Rankings

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Bye Weeks ()Â

 1. Adam Vinatieri, Colts (6) Vinatieri is Mr.Clutch, and for that he becomes the kicker for the best offense in the NFL.

 2. Jeff Wilkins, Rams (7) Wilkins is a dominant kicker every so often, and he will be one this season.

 3. Shayne Graham, Bengals (5) Has increased his points scored 4 straight seasons, and scored 131 pts. last season.

 4. Mike Vanderjagt, Cowboys (3) Is the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Should be a weapon for Cowboys.

 5. Neil Rackers, Cardinals (9) Set NFL record last season making 40 FGs. Cards offense will score more TDs this season.

 6. Jason Elam, Broncos (4) Mr. Reliable. He always puts up points, and gets a few long ones at Mile High.

 7. David Akers, Eagles (9) Offense will need him more without a big-time receiver. He’s healthy and ready to rebound.

 8. Nate Kaeding, Chargers (3) Has a strong leg and might need it with Rivers replacing Brees.

 9. Matt Bryant, Buccaneers (4) He’s a sleeper here, as the Bucs offense should improve this year. He makes some long ones.

10. Jay Feely, Giants (4) Led the NFL in kicker points (148) last season, and it wasn’t a fluke.

11. Josh Brown, Seahawks (5)Â Brown is a solid kicker, with a solid offense.

12. Ryan Longwell, Vikings (6)Â Kicking inside should help him, and he hit alot of long field goals anyway.

13. Steve Gostkowski, Patriots (6) He’s a rookie, but he’s also on a good offensive team. Can he handle the pressure?

14. Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders (3)Â He has superb league strength and the Raiders should be a little better on offense.

15. Lester Tynes, Chiefs (3) Had a good season last year, but have to wait and see what Edwards’ offense looks like.

16. Olindo Mare, Dolphins (8) Marlins won’t make the playoffs, so he should be ok.

17. Matt Stover, Ravens (7)Â Getting a little long in tooth, but still accurate.

18. Rian Lindell, Bills (8)Â One of the best offensive weapons on the Bills, what does that tell you?

19. Jeff Reed, Steelers (4)Â Not very accurate, and questions all over the offense.

20. Jason Hanson, Lions (8)Â He could be a sleeper with Mike Martz running the offense in Detroit.

21. Mike Nugent, Jets (9)Â The Jets offense could be bad, real bad.

22. John Hall, Redskins (8) Could shoot up the list if he could stay healthy….hasn’t been for two years in a row.

23. John Kasay, Panthers (9)Â Getting a little old and has had some injuries recently.

24. Josh Scobee, Jaguars (6) Can hit the long one, but isn’t an accurate kicker overall.

25. Rob Bironas, Titans (7)Â Is a good kicker that will improve as much as the Titans offense improves.

26. John Carney, Saints (7) Still accurate at 42 years old, but can’t hit the deep ones anymore.

27. Phil Dawson, Browns (6)Â A good kicker that would move up this list if the offense improves.

28. Kris Brown, Texans (5)Â Brown is not very accurate, and the Texans have not been very good on offense.

29. Joe Nedney, 49ers (7) Only missed two kicks all of last season…..needs more opportunities.

30. Robbie Gould, Bears (7)Â Not very accurate and currently in a battle for his job.

31. Billy Cundiff, Packers (6) Has been bouncing around for a while. Not much upside here.

32. Tony Yelk, Falcons (5) Rookie trying to win a job on an offense that doesn’t light up the scoreboard.

QB Rankings Bye weeks ()

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 1. Peyton Manning, Colts. (6)  This is a no-brainer. The greatest fantasy QB of his time.

 2. Tom Brady, Patriots (6)  The greatest QB of his time. Spreads the ball around, and always puts up numbers.

 3. Trent Green, Chiefs (3) Green has put up three straight 4,000 yards passing season together. Under-rated.

 4. Carson Palmer, Bengals (5) Knee is a huge question mark. Has alot of weapons in the passing game.

 5. Eli Manning, Giants (4) Manning started to emerge from brothers’ shadow. Has a good supporting cast.

 6. Marc Bulger, Rams (7) Only needs to stay healthy to lead the greatest show on turf.

 7. Duante Culpepper, Dolphins (8) Huge risk/reward pick. Has a huge arm, but can Chambers imitate Moss?

 8. Donovan McNabb, Eagles (9) Probably would have ranked higher if he had at least one good receiver.

 9. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks (5) Injury to Darrell Jackson hurts. Plus Shaun Alexander will get his carries.

10. Drew Bledsoe, Cowboys (3) If T.O. behaves, this is too low for Bledsoe. T.O. always makes his QB better.

11. Brett Favre, Packers (6)Â Running backs look healthy, which will put less pressure on him to win game himself.

12. Kurt Warner, Cardinals (9) Warner would be higher on this list if he weren’t so brittle. Risk/Reward pick.

13. Drew Brees, Saints (7)Â Always scared of injured throwing shoulders, but he has a good supporting cast.

14. Aaron Brooks, Raiders (3) Hard to hold last season against any Saint. Will thrive throwing ball to Randy Moss.

15. Jake Delhomme, Panthers (9)Â Better in real football than fantasy football.

16. Jake Plummer, Broncos (4) Will he feel the heat with Jay Cutler around? If not he’ll be ok.

17. David Carr, Texans (5)Â Has shown improvement the last two seasons, and now he has Eric Moulds.

18. Billy Volek, Titans (7)Â Volek has been a superb back-up, and now he gets the keys to the car for a season.

19. Steve McNair, Ravens (7) McNair is only this far down the list because he’s brittle. Reunited with Mason will help.

20. Philip Rivers, Chargers (3) Risk/Reward pick. Not much experience, but a very good supporting cast.

21. Mark Brunell, Redskins (8)Â Nice supporting group, but injury prone and old.

22. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (4) Lots of questions. Will he be ok or gun shy? Steelers run alot and that hurts him.

23. Jon Kitna, Lions (8)Â If he wins the job, he could put up huge numbers with Mike Martz calling the plays.

24. Chris Simms, Buccaneers (4) For first time since high-school, he’s the best QB on his team.

25. Brad Johnson, Vikings (6) 38 year old QB that likes the short pass. Will he last a whole season?

26. Michael Vick, Falcons (5) Vick is the most electrifying QB in the league. But his 150 yards passing won’t help you.

27. Byron Leftwich, Jaguars (6)Â He has never played a complete season, and his receiving corps is downright awful.

28. Chad Pennington, Jets (9) Pennington is a good QB when he plays….which isn’t very often.

29. Charlie Frye, Browns (6) Looked ok in his brief trial at the end of the season. Having Edwards and Winslow will help.

30. Kelly Holcomb, Bills (8) He should win the job, but if you draft a Bills QB…you need your head examined.

31. Rex Grossman, Bears (7) Look up the word “brittle” in the dictionary and you’ll see Rex Grossman’s face.

32. Alex Smith, 49ers (7) He’s got a long way to go to be an average QB.

33. Brian Griese, Bears (7) Sure to start some games, the only question is when.

34. Matt Leinhart, Cardinals (9)Â Leinhart probably will get the keys to the explosive offense at some point.

35. Gus Frerotte, Rams (7) Follows head-coach Scott Linehan around like a puppy. Could see some time.

36. Josh McCown, Lions (8) Back-up to Kitna to start the season. Lions QB of near future.

37. Matt Schaub, Falcons (5)Â Better throwing QB than starter Michael Vick.

38. David Garrard, Jaguars (6)Â Plays well every season after Leftwich gets hurt.

39. Jeff Garcia, Eagles (9)Â Still has a little left in the tank if McNabb goes down.

40. Patrick Ramsey, Jets (9) QB in waiting behind Pennington. Only a matter of time until he plays.

41. Trent Dilfer, 49ers (7) Coach Nolan won’t let his team’s season go to waste if Smith is over-matched again.

42. Jim Sorgi, Colts (6) Played well in limited action. Has a super supporting cast if forced into action.

43. JP Losman, Bills (8)Â Good athlete for a QB, but not a good passer.

44. Kyle Boller, Ravens (7) Behind McNair, so he could get a chance. Played well last December.

45. Joey Harrington, Dolphins (8)Â Could get playing time in Miami, but that was never an issue in Detroit.

46. Anthony Wright, Bengals (5) Wright is a good athlete and the Bengals have good receivers…but, Wright is not a good passer.

47. Vince Young, Titans (7)Â If the Titans throw him to the wolves, he will get chewed up and spit out.

48. Jay Cutler, Broncos (4) Cutler’s year will be next season.

49. Sage Rosenfels, Texans (5)Â Not very productive in limited chances.

50. Charlie Batch, Steelers (4) Running team, but if Big Ben’s head hurts he might get forced into action.

51. Chris Weinke, Panthers (9) Had his chance, and then the Panthers signed Delhomme.

52. Todd Collins, Redskins (8) Playing behind Brunell with a loaded supporting cast.

53. Damon Huard, Chiefs (3)Â Chiefs would probably run alot if he were forced into action.

54. Jamie Martin, Saints (7) Good completion % usually. A decent back-up.

55. Jay Fiedler, Buccaneers (4) Still hasn’t thrown a pass in camp. Game manager that wouldn’t put up big numbers.

56. Matt Cassel, Patriots (6) Hasn’t started a real game since high school.

57. A.J. Feeley, Chargers (3) If you have a penalty for pick-offs, don’t say this name.

58. Andrew Walter, Raiders (3) Hasn’t played a down, but has good receivers.

59. Aaron Rodgers, Packers (6)Â The fact that the Packers drafted a QB speaks volumes.

60. Tim Hasselbeck, Giants (4) Giants have a good supporting cast, but Hasselbeck hasn’t proved he could take advantage of that.

61. Ken Dorsey, Browns (6)Â Trying to hold off Derek Anderson for back-up job.

62. Seneca Wallace, Seahawks (5)Â Not a good passer.

63. Tony Romo, Cowboys (3) No experience…..scary.

64. Mike McMahon, Vikings (6)Â Good runner, but the worst throwing QB in the league.