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The Indianapolis Colts need Joseph Addai to stay healthy

Blogged under Bloglockers,Front Page,General Colts Chatter by dawgpounded on Tuesday 31 July 2007 at 7:56 am

The Colts really need to keep Joseph Addai healthy this season because they have no depth behind him after Dominic Rhodes left to sign with the Oakland Raiders in the off season. Addai had a monster year as a rookie for the Colts. He played in all 16 games (0 starts) and he carried the ball 226 times for 1,081 yards (4.8 ypc) with 7 TD runs. He also caught 40 passes for 325 yards (8.1 avg) with 1 TD run. Look for Addai to have a great second season in the NFL as teams have to gameplan to stop Peyton Manning which should leave the running game wide open again.

DeDe Dorsey and Kenton Keith appear to be the guys backing up Addai this season. One of them must step up so Addai doesn’t wear down and it’s a little more likely that Dorsey will be that guy. He has played well in the last couple of pre-seasons but he has not gained a yard in the NFL yet. He played in 13 games for the Colts last season and he didn’t touch the ball even one time. Keith is a little on the small side at 5’11”, 189 pounds but he’s fast. Still, he projects to be little more than a third down back because of his size.

Colts on Sunday Night Football

Blogged under General Colts Chatter by nicosingapo on Monday 30 July 2007 at 4:09 pm

I just checked out NBC’s SNF site,, and they have a ton of cool stuff. Wallpaper, widgets, multimedia. You can look at Indy food, and facts about Peyton. They also have Madden, Michaels and Collinsworth talking about the Colts match ups. You should go see it, because the site is great!

The Indianapolis Colts lose OT Tarik Glenn to retirement

Blogged under Big Colts News,Bloglockers,Front Page,General Colts Chatter by dawgpounded on Friday 27 July 2007 at 8:14 am

Key offensive tackle Tarik Glenn has decided to hang up the spikes for the Colts. Glenn was outstanding in his 10 year career which covered 154 games, all of which he started. Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai will miss Glenn’s blocking as he was very good at both pass and run blocking. The Colts must have known that Glenn was going to call it quits because of the pick of OT Tony Ugoh in the second round of the NFL Draft. It’s very possible that Ugoh could be starting from day #1.

The Indianapolis Colts sign defensive back Norman LeJeune

Blogged under Bloglockers,Free Agent Additions,Front Page,General Colts Chatter by dawgpounded on Monday 23 July 2007 at 4:12 pm

The Colts have signed Norman LeJeune to a 1-year contract. He played in 2 games for the Dolphins last season and he only made 1 tackle. LeJeune has played in 7 games over his 3 year NFL career and he has only made 2 tackles. Don’t look for LeJeune to play much unless he shows he can make an impact on special teams.