Colts vs. Broncos

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Someone’s winning streak is gonna end on Sunday! The Colts are standing at 6-0 this season, while the Broncos have ridden a five game winning streak to the top of their division at 5-1.

The Broncos defense is only allowing 7.3 points per game, but they haven’t played a team with an offense the caliber of the Indianapolis Colts. Look for the Colts to send their two-headed running back, Joseph Addai (354 yards rushing) and Dominic Rhodes (299 yards rushing) at the heart of the Broncos defense that allows 90.3 yards rushing per game and 3.6 yards per carry. The Colts will then attack the Broncos secondary, including Champ Bailey! Peyton Manning (1,620 yards, 12 TDs) has made it a habit of having big games against the Broncos…..usually in the playoffs. Marvin Harrison (39 rec, 515 yards) and Reggie Wayne (28 rec, 504 yards) could each have big games against the slightly over-rated Bronco defense.

Look for the Broncos to be very vanilla on offense again. The Broncos strength (running the ball) matches perfectly with the Colts defense (defending the run). Look for Denver to give the rock to Tatum Bell (585 yards rushing) until he gets tired. Then they will put in Mike Bell and keep running the ball. The Colts pass defense hasn’t been to good either (89.1 opponents QB rating), so the Broncs might take a few shots down field to Javon Walker (29 rec, 495 yards) and Rod Smith (22 rec, 205 yards).Â

This should be a good football game. If the Colts get an early lead and take the Broncos out of their preferred offense..the Colts will win the game. If the Broncos get their running game going and get a lead, they should win the game.

  1. Comment by chefbob — October 25, 2006 @ 2:45 pm

    We have owned Denver, on our turf.[blow outs in both play-off games. On the other side of the Rockies, a little different story. Weather will play a factor. Forcast for Sunday, 60 and sunny. Advantage: Colts. I totally agree with your assessment on Denver’s ability to play ball control. If by chance we can hit them in the mouth early. We can control the tempo. Having said all that, this will be a true test for both teams, And I beleive the pressure is on the Bronco’s. Should be a great game! Can’t wait!

  2. Comment by ravenhater — October 25, 2006 @ 5:04 pm

    The pressure is definately on the Broncos, because they are finally playing an offense that can put up some points.

  3. Comment by chefbob — October 26, 2006 @ 3:08 pm

    It will be quite interesting to see how many points our defense allows in this game. The return of Sanders. And Booger with over a week under his belt, should pay dividends, The LOSS of DOSS will not help, but Bethea has filled in admiraly. If we can’t hold Denver under 24 I’ts back to the drawing board. It was like watching the colts of old last week. But for me, the jury is still out.

  4. Comment by ravenhater — October 26, 2006 @ 4:02 pm

    Chef, if the Colts give up alot of points this week….they really stink on defense! The Broncos are only averaging 13.2 points per game, which is the worst in the NFL.

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